Wonderful Floor Lamp Contemporary Style

Mar 6th

Floor lamp contemporary style – One of the leading firms in the universe of interior lighting comes to our homes to surprise us with their wonderful creations. As we say, the Italian company Pallucco is a leading firm in the field of decorative lighting, and today I have prepared a careful selection of its most outstanding floor lamps. If you have a modern living room in your home you should pay close attention to the creations that we will see below, because the style and personality of these is ideal to complete a modern corner. And it is that they present a contemporary design but at the same time discreet, features highly demanded for a modern style salon.

And to start with this small selection of lamps, nothing better than starting with the Coral standing lamps . These have a base and a very simple structure, but it is completed with a curious superior structure that imitates the design of the marine coral, as its name already indicated us. Each of the marine coral branches that make up the lamp is made of ABS molded by injection. The result is a floor lamp contemporary style that visually attracts a lot of attention. In addition we can find it in several versions of colors.

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The Fortuny floor lamp contemporary style is a tribute from the Italian firm to a lamp considered contemporary and timeless icon of interior lighting. The first model of the lamp was created by a Spaniard, Mariano Fortuny and Madrazo, at the beginning of the last century. Surely the design of this lamp takes you to a set of photography, and is that the original design came precisely because of that, needing a powerful but indirect light to illuminate the environments. The reinvention of Pallucco has been to incorporate to the typical screens of the time a system to make it swing .

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