Wonderful Ceiling Fans Contemporary Design

Mar 7th

Ceiling fans contemporary design – With the heat whipping without ceasing, nothing like a ceiling fan. They are silent, produce a pleasant breeze and each time they consume less. Functional, economical and more sustainable than other options, ceiling fans not only improve the thermal sensation of homes in summer but also can acquire an important decorative role. To make the most of these facilities, able to reduce the temperature of a room to 8ÂșC in summer, it is advisable to choose a model that suits the dimensions of the room, of course, but not least, its decorative style.

The first ceiling fans contemporary design were actuated by a pulley that transmitted the rotation to the blades. This double design, perfect for a large room, pays homage to the time that confers a vintage air to the whole. Despite being inspired by the first decades of the last century, his minimalist will reduces the equipment to a few key pieces well chosen. A large format model like this will become the center of attention of any stay. Suitable for large spaces and even for outdoor use, given the large amount of air it is capable of moving, its essential design allows it to be integrated into all types of contemporary decorations.

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In addition, it can also function as a lamp, something that is interesting to take into account when choosing the model of ceiling fans contemporary design, also depending on where it is located. How about Retro? This model combines the better of two worlds: the greater volume of air that the oscillating fans move – thanks to its greater speed of operation – with the suspended placement of the ceiling, which distributes it evenly throughout the room. If we add to its fifties style, with wooden shovels and aged metal structure, the result is a piece as decorative as original, perfect for a retro brushstroke to any environment.