White Contemporary Bar Stools for Maximize Space

Mar 4th

White Contemporary Bar Stools – Finding in the bar as many stools available as guests we are in the group is almost an impossible mission that requires speed and cunning to get us the first to be free. Objective achieved, the second reflex act is to comment how comfortable (or not) is the stool where we are sitting. and it is not denied that on more than one occasion we will have fallen in love with its design and comfort, while in others, we would have preferred to stand.

Maximizing the available space is the primary objective that the furniture has to get inside any bar. Hence, the chairs have passed on their legacy to the stools as those responsible for achieving such a task. Both or more comfortable than the first, the design of these furniture has evolved from the classic wooden white contemporary bar stools and four legs, too many more ergonomic and complex, to those that combine and play with the different materials available.

The more discreet designs changed the wood for the metal and eliminated one of the four legs of the classic stools. The round leather-lined padded seats are designed to delight those who drink their half-day coffee or a glass of wine after work. and as in all simplicity is always allowed some other detail that makes the difference: in this case we refer to the scale of browns, no matter what order they are placed, always draw the seats of the stools. A tribute to the beauty of simple forms.

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The old tavern bars have passed into history to give way to other designs that blend with the essence of the former with the modernity of new trends. The best example? The white contemporary bar stools of our latest design, in which from the mid-bottom to the bottom are perceived contemporary aesthetics, while in the other, the seats slightly cushioned and covered with worn leather are clearly inherited from the old high stools used in the English bars.  in any case, it is undeniable that this pair of seats invite us to get comfortable and enjoy one or two reeds, depending on how good is it.

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