Tips Placing Contemporary Chandeliers At Ceiling

Jan 12th

Contemporary Chandeliers – Stretch ceiling is interesting, first of all, the unusual texture of a flat surface. So flat that I still cannot believe what I saw. How can you create a miracle, most of us have is (educational activities of various thematic television repair in this sense cannot be overestimated). On television, a team of specialists with a bright monkey intelligently mounted suspended from the ceiling, the next take and now the ceiling surface decorated with a chandelier finished. But see how to install chandeliers in the suspended ceiling, while listening to a detailed explanation is often not possible.

Contemporary Chandeliers Luxury
Contemporary Chandeliers Luxury

The choice of chandeliers a crucial moment. Stretch ceiling is, in fact, film or fabric, stretched and secured in a special profile (it’s called “baguette”). By heating the film it becomes more elastic and stretches. When choosing contemporary chandeliers, you should pay attention to the models with the safest possible location of the bulbs in order to avoid heating the PVC fabric. For installation, mount the appliance on the main ceiling before increasing voltage. View of the fastening elements depends on the chosen model candlesticks and the method of their assembly. The installation of the lamp on the hook the easiest and a reliable method of fixing, for him the least problem. Chandelier set with the container is removed, without bulbs.

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If you are the happy owner of the housing, the hole for installation and the wiring of the hook plate channel lamp summarized has done with builder’s prudence. In the profile of the plate (metal mounting material, which puts in the base of the chandelier) installed contemporary chandeliers more modern. Strap attached to the kit. To properly mount the chandelier of this type on the false ceiling, it is necessary to make a pre-special base wooden bar. Usually, since the huge chandeliers mounted lights with a broad rounded or rectangular base. After installation of the tensioned Phillips plate roof is attached to the platform, accessories made screws.