Size of a Modern Contemporary Living Room

Mar 5th

Modern contemporary living room – At one point, the living room was called the lounge. It was where the guests were welcome to sit and visit. After World War II, with the new construction of affordable housing, the lounge became the living room because that’s where family and friends gathered to hang out, listen to the radio or watch TV. In contemporary homes, the living room has become more of a lounge and everyday life in the family or gathering room. Open plans affect size, while the new architectural drawings designate areas such as living rooms, dining rooms or family areas, they are open and not restricted by walls to allow for a more free flow of function. This layout gives the rooms a sense of being larger than the drawings read.

It as a living room, in some of the plans larger homes, there is a room just outside the foyer which is about 10 x 12 meters to 12 x 14 meters, often called as or studying. If you have no need of one, use it as your formal modern contemporary living room if there is no other place listed as such. With its proximity to the entry and dining area, it will serve the same purpose.

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Decorate by function, now that you have a general idea about the size of your modern contemporary living room, you have to decorate and furnish it to serve its function. In modern homes, its function is generally to visit with guests, listen to music, and serve drinks before a formal dinner or just to sit and converse. Keep it conversant by arranging your furniture to promote conversation. For example, put two sofas or double sofas facing each other, and add the armchair or two at one or both ends of a coffee table. Make decor a more formal version of the rest of your home. Certainly, if it’s open to the foyer and formal dining room, you want to coordinate with similar color and style.

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