New Design Contemporary Coffee Tables

Mar 3rd

Contemporary Coffee Tables – Make it beautiful, fit the environment, also serve as a magazine, ‘desk’ for the little ones, to drink coffee, to highlight some special piece, to keep the controls of the television. Its possibilities and functionalities are immense. This luxury secondary can greatly influence the decoration and put its grain of sand. In addition, it is a mobile element, so you can adapt it to the moment and the situation. When choosing it, he thinks that the sofa is the one that will dictate the spirit of it, since around it revolves the rest of the decoration.

Keep in mind that you never have to put two pieces with a lot of character together, because when you become the competition, none will stand out and you will lose your personality in this clash. If the sofa is visually striking, bet on simple contemporary coffee tables, if on the contrary, it is of straight lines and neutral upholstery, give the note with the coffee table. The meters in the living room and the space available between the coffee table and the sofas and armchairs. It must be integrated, so only in large rooms can you bet on XL sizes. Eye this does not mean that you choose an XS, as it should not be less than half the sofa.

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Regarding height, the ideal is that it is not higher than the seat or even lower so that it maintains visual continuity. The shape of the contemporary coffee tables is also something to keep in mind. The rectangular ones are the most versatile since they adapt to all the holes, meters and distributions. The round (light and very attractive) also need more meters; and the squares are perfect if you are going to use them, for example, for informal meals or study or play area for children, although they are not a good choice for small interiors, as they overload the decoration and need enough space, to move comfortably around it.

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