Making Contemporary Ottoman Coffee Table

Feb 27th

Contemporary ottoman coffee table is good for showing newspapers or having a place to put your cup down. Some coffee tables have drawers underneath for storage, and some have glass tops and no legs. Because there are so many different styles of coffee tables, you’re sure to find one that looks perfect in your living room. If you are thinking of saving a few dollars, and you have some building skills, read through a few steps to discover how to make your own modern coffee table.


Make a contemporary ottoman coffee table. Cut four 2-by-2-timers, 16 inches long, for your coffee table legs. Cut four top rails, 2 by 37 inches, and 2 in 16 inches. The table top should be a piece of 3/4 inch plywood, cut 2 feet with 4 feet. Cut four corner supports from 2 out of 4, 6 inches long. Cut four fillets from 1 of 1 wood; 2 by 6 inches, and 2 in 28 inches. Turn the tabletop upside down. Place the best rails on the desk disc attached to the corners and centered. Put the fillets in the best rails, centered as well.

Screw the fillets into the table top and then insert the best rails laterally. Place one screw one at each end and one in the middle. Place four screws through the corner supporting the best rails in each corner. Attach a table leg to each corner. The legs are located between the corner joints of the upper bars. Drill a hole for a big coach bolt all the way through the legs in the corner supports. Insert the screws and tighten the wing nuts.

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Tips and warnings

Before choosing the type of wood you will make your contemporary ottoman coffee table, determine if you will use color or bats and varnishes. The finished product will determine what type of wood you choose. Make the table top from a 3/4 inch piece of plywood, or medium on board density fiber. Use a strong wooden strap according to the best rails and fillets for extra support. Use plenty of wooden screws and tighten the wagon bolts. The table is just as robust as the brackets that hold it together.

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