Magnificent Paper Floor Lamps Contemporary

Mar 6th

Paper floor lamps contemporary – If you are looking for modern and original lamps for the illumination of your home, you can not miss the particular vision Vertigo Bird has of these objects. The creations of the firm transform ordinary shapes into lamps of incredible and unpredictable designs. Today we will focus on their magnificent paper floor lamps. When you see them right away you will find that they have such a fresh look that when placed in our decoration we will be introducing a jet of fresh air inside our home.

If a paper lamp is already original, if it is also delivered in an envelope for me is the height of innovation. In the envelope of paper floor lamps contemporary come two pieces of polyphony paper, a cable with a bulb light and instructions for use. That is all we will need to create these lamps. One of the pieces that makes up the lamp is rectangular and comes folded. This is the one that is placed in the corner of the room and makes say base. The other piece is the one we will have to cut ourselves and the one that will do the screen times. Beyond that the lamps seem to me great for the transgressor of its idea, its design seems me very appropriate for small spaces .

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It occupies very little space and integrates perfectly in this type of environments. Its pleasant design and soft light create a sense of well-being. In addition you can find a complete collection following this design, finding in addition to the model of foot, a model of table, another of wall and even one of suspension. With it on, indirect light coming from the top creates the feeling that the paper floor lamps contemporary is floating under the ceiling.

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