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Mar 1st

Contemporary home design – Within the modern style there are different trends depending on whether you are bold or not. From modern avant-garde decorations to classic modern decorations. If you are a daring person and want to take modernism a step further, a good way to achieve this is to introduce a contemporary touch to your modern home. And in the next article we will give you the keys to get it. The first thing we have to do for this is to minimize the details to the maximum and to look above all for the simplicity of the elements. This will help us create elegant and distinguished spaces in which the design will excel above everything and in which the visual cleaning will be the protagonist.

And how to make a minimalist space to the extreme does not seem empty? Choosing very well all the details that will compose the space and choosing only by elements with personality. The presence of each of the furniture will fill the spaces. Of course we will look for in them the same simplicity of lines and forms that we look for in the whole of the space. Minimalism and simplicity are not at odds with functionality. In fact we should rather look for the opposite. All objects chosen must have a very clear functionality. And the more versatile they are the better.

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The use of technology is one of the keys of this style, so you must introduce elements of the latest generation in your modern contemporary home design decoration. But equally in these elements of last generation you must look for the simple and straight design predominant in all the elements of the decoration. The lighting of the spaces is another key aspect to take into account, as well as prevailing clear color. Power to the maximum the entrance of light of the exterior and for the artificial one decantate by lamps of white lights. The clarity of the elements will help to amplify the sense of illumination and amplitude.

In the color of contemporary home design spaces, the combination of tones with white is very common. One of the most used is the combination of whites and different shades of brown, although the mixture with black is also quite common. Of course the fusion of white and gray is another of the combinations you can think of. For the textiles of this style follows the same guidelines that we discussed until now. Flee frills and prints, and look for sobriety and solid tones. In general we could conclude by saying that in order to successfully create a modern contemporary interior we must be able to create spaces with a large space but very functional . Environments with few elements but all with a very clear function. In addition the use of latest technologies in appliances, lighting or home automation will be widespread in our contemporary interior.

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