Inexpensive Contemporary Furniture Ideas

Feb 27th

Inexpensive contemporary furniture – Sometimes furniture can look outdated, damaged, or simply not as you wants it to appear. If so, deco paging considers it to give it a new life. This technique is perfect for inexpensive contemporary furniture that you can pick up at an economy store. Cover furniture with the paper of your choice, regardless of whether you choose newspaper pages, newspapers, pictures or book pages. When done right, the decoupage furniture will have a polished look.


Clean the furniture properly with clean rags and furniture cleaner. Remove dirt and dust that can cling to it. Allow the furniture to dry completely before moving on. Select the paper you want to cover the inexpensive contemporary furniture with, cut the pictures into shapes as you wish with a scissors. Place the pictures on the furniture, trace around their edges with a pencil. That way when you place them you will be able to work quickly and make sure they are in the right place. Apply decoupage medium to the furniture with a foam brush. You will get to work quickly, so work in sections, such as the top of the furniture, then the pages. Apply the media evenly and thinly.

Place the paper pieces in the area where you applied the decoupage media. Work fast to level them and make sure all wrinkles and bubbles are gone, with a damp sponge. A brayer, which is a small roll available at craft stores, also works well to smooth the paper. Remove any bubbles that my mold on the furniture like the glue dries for about an hour. Continue the process until all desired areas of inexpensive contemporary furniture.

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Leave furniture to sit for a week and cure.

This will seal and protect it. Apply a layer of polyurethane per hour. Basic inexpensive contemporary furniture and rustic furniture can be made from branches that you have collected from the outside. Even a lot about how the finished product looks depends on the branches you use; make a simple design as you build simple branch furniture in an afternoon. When choosing your branches, make sure each one is completely, without any cracks, and stuck rather than hollow, to create longer-lasting furniture.

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