Ideas to Design Contemporary Floor Lamps

Mar 3rd

Contemporary floor lamps are a good accessory to express you. Nothing expresses your personality and style like a lamp that you have designed. Imagine sitting in your favorite chair and reading a book in the shine off the floor lamp that you designed. If you ever thought the idea of ​​designing your own floor lamp, you might have wondered exactly how to go about it. It’s a simple process logical step that takes you from inspiration to finished construction.


Clip out photos of lighting that really capture your interest in interior and architectural magazines and place the images in a clipboard or in a folder to refer them later. Also, search online for images of contemporary floor lamps and save all images that capture your eye in a folder on your computer. Visit the furniture showrooms in your area and investigate floor lamps on the display. Request permission to take photos and measurements of any lights that fit the style you want to design. If this is not possible, ask for literature about the lamps. These brochures should have basic measurements and style options.

Lay out the pictures you cut before you. Also, open the file on your computer containing the light of the pictures you collected online. Scan photos and photos again and look for key elements that beat you. Look closely at shapes, colors and patterns that you think you want to incorporate into your design. Sketch the elements that appear in a sketchbook with a pen. Using a sketchbook allows you to refer your ideas whenever you need. Combine these elements into sketches of lights. Draw some ideas that will think. Draw contemporary floor lamps from different angles and views. Experiment with shadow styles and colors. Let your imagination lead you.

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Tips and warnings

If you want to turn your design into floor lamp reality, look into rent a furniture knife, or an artist / craftsman who specialize in lighting and whose style matches your designs.

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