Ideas to Buy Contemporary Oriental Rugs

Mar 3rd

Contemporary oriental rugs – Do not buy a carpet that you have not seen and felt on your own. You risk being disappointed. Pictures on internet auctions are grateful, but the colors can cheat, you cannot feel the quality of the wool and it’s hard to see wear and tear. Loan your carpets home before you choose. Serious carpet dealers always let a customer borrow blankets home. They can look different at home in the living room than in the store. A good foundation protects the rug and increases its life. Underlay is necessary for kelim carpets, so do not slip them. Move the carpets around once in a while, so they do not wear and fade unevenly.

Buy contemporary oriental rugs with your eyes. Oriental carpets are unique and colors and patterns are so different that a carpet that fits perfectly in one place can look hilariously different. Contemporary oriental rugs should be washed once in between. But leave it to professionals. Too many beautiful rugs are wiped out because they are never washed. Fine dust and dirt accumulate at the bottom of the rug, where the hinge is attached to the trend. It seems like fine sandpaper that slowly slides the knots into pieces. The sink also gives new life to the wool and the colors.

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Buy contemporary oriental rugs because you like it. Do not think of the rug as an investment, but as a piece of art you can enjoy for many years. There are only a few antique and rare carpets, which you can predict with certain fairness. There are many factors that determine the quality and price of a rug. From the connection to the wool and the color of the dye, color, pattern, age, condition, rarity etc. The wool must be bold and powerful. Dry and glossy wool is bad. The number of nodes is not so significant. A tightly tied carpet takes longer to make, so it’s typically more expensive, but a loose-fitting carpet can easily be more beautiful. Some of the most expensive and most sought after blankets, the Caucasian, are loosely attached.

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