Ideas Contemporary Wall Decor for Living Room

Mar 2nd

Contemporary wall decor for living room – There are thousands of ways and ways to decorate the walls of our home, from the use of wallpaper, paint colors, coating of different materials, etc., to do it with niches. This last alternative allows us to not only decorate, but often take advantage of the space to store books, such as frames, among other uses we can give, making it a multi-functional option. Niches are becoming increasingly fashionable in interior decoration, and can be made entirely with the same wall material or with frames of different materials like wood, melamine, plaster, etc. If you are ready to inspire in some of our ideas, here we present them to you.

This option can be appreciated by our guests when they enter our house. To remove the monotony to the contemporary wall decor for living room, three niches were made with the same material of the wall, and were covered with beige slab. At the top of each niche were placed dichroics to highlight its beauty, and in the lower part a thin coating of wood. This idea can not only be executed in our living room, but also in an office or company. These beautiful white niches give more amplitude to the environment and allow placing all type and size of decorative objects. In the case of an office, we can use these spaces to put creams, proteins, perfumes, etc.

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The purpose of this wall or middle wall is to divide the contemporary wall decor for living room, even so, is an excellent idea to take advantage of and place niches. For this design three separations were made, the central being the widest, and placing at the two ends photos and significant articles. Do not forget that it can be an excellent opportunity to personalize your environment!  Painting the interior of your home can be a difficult task if you do not think accordingly. First you must decide on a color for your room. Look at the color of your sofa and your carpet and other important items in your room. Then go to the paint shop and find a company that offers paint samples. Businesses will have different palettes to choose from. Choose the color of paint that corresponds to your room.

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