Ideal Contemporary Ceiling Fans with Lights for Summer

Mar 4th

Contemporary ceiling fans with lights – Even if it is late, the summer heat begins. Today we want to help you with small tips and tips that you have to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan . With the heat coming, it is very pleasant to get home, work or even our place of vacation, to turn on a fan and cool the heat-laden environment. We are going to generate from a guide that we call “How to choose a ceiling fan with light ” with the points to take into account, in our opinion the most important, when choosing and buying a fan.

To do this based on the size we will add the height of the room to get the volume. From here we get the following recommendations: first, Rooms of low ceilings would be correct a fan type ceilings without extension bar.  Normal rooms, would be correct both models, type ceiling or with extension bar.  Roof Rooms would be correct a ceiling fan with a long extension bar. For this we have different types of motorizations that will give us a greater game when demanding more or less power and speed to the contemporary ceiling fans with lights. In the same way we have fans with silent motors (recommended for example for dormitories).

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On the other hand there are fans that include the summer winter function . To achieve greater comfort while reducing energy consumption, there are fans that include a switch that allows use at any time of the year, both summer and winter (reverse function). In summer, keep your room cool by turning your contemporary ceiling fans with lights counterclockwise. The winter function however, rotates clockwise, to circulate hot air that tends to rise and accumulate on the ceiling of the room. Then, check out our gallery to inspire you!