How to Shorten Contemporary Chandeliers Canada

Feb 28th

Contemporary chandeliers Canada create a focal point in any room. Most come with extra chandelier chains and wires that allow you to adjust the height to suit your needs. In most cases, adjusting chandelier length is simply a matter of shortening the chain. To hang a chandelier in a pillar, the lower part of it should hang at least 7 meters above the floor. Chandelier chain above a table should put the light 30-36 inches from the table. If the ceiling is higher than 8 meters, adjust the chain to hang the chandelier 36 inches above the table.


Calculate how much chain you need to remove. Measure the height of the contemporary chandeliers Canada. Add the amount of the chain needed to cancel the chandelier at the desired height. Take into account the depth of the roof medallion that attaches the chandelier to the ceiling and enable it as well. Find out the last link you need on the chain. Attach pliers to one end of the link. Hold the other pair tightly against the other end. Carefully turn the link until there is enough of an opening in the track on the side to remove the adjacent link. Close the link by turning it in the opposite direction. Work any excess wires down through the chain. Push it into the top of the chandelier to hide it.

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Tips and warnings

Be sure not to damage the metal finish of the chain link. Wrap a soft cloth around the link before using the pliers as a pillow. If the metal in the chain is too hard to turn by hand, use a screwdriver to open the link. Put one end of the link into the shelf and tighten the screwdriver. Use pliers to rotate the other end of the link. If the contemporary chandeliers Canada is already hanging, you may need to remove links individually, especially those that have the electrical cord running through them.

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