How to Install Surya Contemporary Rugs in a Successful Way

Mar 6th

Surya contemporary rugs – Installing your own carpet profile is not a job that everyone wants to take on. It can be difficult, and if it is not done right, everyone can see where it has been misplaced. However, carpet installation is not space science, and by using some specialized tools and be prepared to take your time, installing the carpet is a job you can do yourself. Your first step is to get rid of the old carpet. Begin by removing the moldings around the rug and remove the door from the entrance, so you can remove the old carpet and make it easier to place the new carpet. Give the old rug a good vacuum cleaning so you are not breathing dust, and then get rid of the old rug. You can use a knife to cut the rug into strips so you can take it out or give it away without cutting.

Start at one end and pull the Surya contemporary rugs strips without rivets and roll it into sections. Some people feel that they can reuse the existing basecoat, but in most cases they will be carried out just like the carpet, so they are better off getting rid of it as well. Make sure the floor is clean and dry. This is a good time to check your sub-floor and firmly attach any floorboards that may be loose so that the nine rugs are perfect.

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To install Surya contemporary rugs in a successful way, install new strips without rivets if it is a new construction or goes on wood or vinyl flooring around the perimeter of the room, but not in front of the doors. Leave a gap of approximately 1/2 “between the strips and the wall, and make sure the nails or tacks face the wall. At the corners, make sure the strips without rivets are butt against the other.