Drum Chandeliers Contemporary Ideas

Mar 2nd

Drum chandeliers contemporary crowns are common in many homes. In addition, many homeowners use drum shades to cover old chandeliers. Instead of completely replacing the chandelier with a new drum shadow chandelier, homeowners simply attach a drum shadow to the old chandelier.


Determine how much you want the drum shadow placed on the drum chandeliers contemporary. Truman shades can be placed to cover the entire chandelier or placed so that the lower part of the chandelier looks out from under the shadow. Cut a wooden stick to fit the entire inside of the drum shadow. The wooden stick should fit tightly into the top of the drum shadow. Use a bow file to cut the wooden stick size. Locate the link in the chain that coordinates with the top of the drum shadow. Release the wooden stick via the link in the chain.

Apply a small amount of sticky glue to the ends of the wooden stick. Drop the drum shadow on the wooden stick. Linda masking tape around wooden stick and drum chandeliers contemporary. Feed the plug less end of the lamp cord through the upper center hole in the drum shadow. Move the drum far down the cord so that you can handle the wire end of the cord freely.

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Determine the last inch of the plug less end. Take the cable with Abrasion Rods, using the appropriate whole diameter on the strip end of the tool, and then pull until the insulation is removed. Pull the two insulated wires except under the newly exposed wires, divide them apart several inches. Tie both ends of the cord together loosely directly above where you stopped splitting. Pull the exposed ends through the hollow rod. Remove the socket cover. Bend and twist the end of each of the two exposed threads around a nut, two of which are located on opposite sides of the socket. Wrap the threads in opposite directions. Release the cover back over the socket.

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