Decorate Contemporary Living Room Design

Mar 3rd

No right or wrong rules exist when selecting colors for a contemporary living room design. It boils down to homeowners tastes rather than shown in the latest and best furnishings, online decorating websites or favorite sweepstakes. The colors you choose for a living room should focus on the desired mood or purpose of the living room. You may feel the living room is a relaxing place or feel that it is in the middle of the home and full of action; so all selected color schemes must reflect your own wishes and needs for the room. Do not assume that a neutral color palette comprises hundreds of beige because it is not true. Neutral color palettes can include not only beige, but also dark and bright shades of gray, brown, white and creams. Some colors for a living room in a neutral color palette include chocolate brown, steel gray or a light beige cream.

Natural color palettes for contemporary living room design. Natural color palettes contain any color found in nature and the varied shades supplied. This includes ocean blues and sky blues, sky grays, grassy greens or mossy greens, deep brown wood or bright birch and different colors of sand, rocks, fauna and flowers. Pair both natural and neutral color palettes with bold, bright colored accents if you are thinking of creating a decorative punch in your color palette.

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Pastels are used to create a calming effect and are made of some color under the sun. In addition, you can mix and match pastels easily for a put-together look in the living room. Pastel colors include light pink, yellow, grays, oranges, blue, green and different shades of white, beige and cream. And then choosing warm colors to decorate a contemporary living room design can create either a warm, cozy effect or a bold, vibrant effect. Bright red and bold oranges present a passionate, energetic space, by jumping brick red and beige can create a more comfortable, cozy room.

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