Create Your Own Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers

Mar 5th

Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers – In this article, we show you this great idea on how to make a chandelier by recycling crystal bottles. The crystal bottles are a serious problem for the environment as production increases every year and many end up in landfills in the cities. That is why it is becoming increasingly important to recycle crystal bottles. There are beverage brands that use returnable bottles, meaning that when they are brought to the point of purchase, they return the money we have paid for the container.

Another idea is to reuse those crystal bottles, to make a magnificent recycled contemporary crystal chandeliers. That will bring much value to your house in a modern and pop style that will leave everyone with their mouths open. Take the thread and cut a piece of it. The piece of yarn should be large enough to allow the bottle to rotate several times; something like 1.5 m of a thread will suffice. Wet the yarn completely in the fire. As you can see in the video, we put the alcohol in a crystal and then introduce the wire to wet it. You can do the same or wet it another way.

Remove the yarn from the alcohol and tie it to the bottle spinning. Tie the thread approximately 7 cm from the base of the bottle. After tying the thread, cut the excess with the scissors. Take the matches and carefully set the wire that you had dipped in the alcohol on fire. Let the fire burn, and when it clears, take the bottle with the rag so you do not burn it and put it in a bowl of cold water.

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Remove the bottle and you will see how the base detaches itself in the cold water. With the sandpaper, grind the edges of the area you have cut, eliminating the roughness of this area. Finally, place the candle on a plate or similar and cover it with the piece of the bottle that you have cut. Your crystal chandelier is ready! These contemporary crystal chandeliers look very nice at night, both inside the house and on the patio. Very romantic!

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