Contemporary Outdoor Rugs Color

Feb 28th

Contemporary outdoor rugs differ from indoor carpets in the fact that it is water repellent and does not have padding underneath the carpet surface. This is done to prevent the carpet from growing mold. Outdoor carpets are used in a variety of applications, including golf, patios, boats, porches, bathing places and any other place where a non-slip area is needed. Green is one of the most popular colors for contemporary outdoor rugs. Green outdoor rugs flows with natural grass colors, and are often seen on patios and inside the garage. Green carpets are available in several shades and textures, from dark green, extremely low-pile to light green with tall shag. Green carpets are somewhat old-fashioned and may not be suitable for all modern applications.

An alternative to green outdoor rugs is brown rugs. Many types of brown outdoor carpets can be used indoors or outdoors, making it an excellent transition mat from outside patios or garage to indoor entrances or corridors. The brownest outdoor carpet has a pile. Brown contemporary outdoor rugs are often seen in commercial or office buildings. Another color scheme for the outdoor carpet is multicolored carpet. This can either be several different matte colors peppered together in a random pattern, or it may include moods with deliberate designs similar to a pattern seen in a large rug. Some of the colors in multicolored contemporary outdoor rugs include brown, black, gray, brown, green and sometimes blue.

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Neutral is also made in outdoor carpets. Like brown outdoor carpets, neutral contemporary outdoor rugs are often designed for indoor and outdoor use. Some common neutral outdoor carpeting colors include cream, gray, black tan or light brown. These rugs cannot be used outdoors directly, but are often placed in a transition zone between inside and out, where water and dirt are often traced.

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