Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Mar 1st

Contemporary living room ideas can have a warm and cozy atmosphere, but the most important color schemes for this room determine what kind of furniture is used as well as the overall feel of the room. Before deciding on a living room color scheme, collect the five best color choices and create a pro-and-con list to make the best decision.


Tropical colors can make a contemporary living room ideas appear bigger, lighter and welcoming. When considering this color design, it is best to choose two to three colors. Common tropical colors used include a darker shade of lime, a warm yellow or light brown. Continue color scheme in furniture. Choose a sofa that is a lighter brown or white color to soothe higher colors on the walls. Brighter colored accent pads Keep the furniture from appearing too commonly while supplementing the walls.

Earth Tones

Soil colors, such as dark green, brown, rusty and gray, help create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. When these colors are used with darker colored furniture illuminated by light colored accent pillows and decorations, the living room can be a relaxing place. Do not paint every wall in the same dark color as it can give space to appear smaller, especially if the room already lacks square meters. Rather, choose a back wall to paint the darkest color, and use one to two other colors to emphasize this wall and keep the room’s size from shrinking. Add lighter colors to furniture and decorations in the living room to prevent the space from getting boring and dull.

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Monochrome White and Gray

For an ultra modern and elegant living room the use of a monochrome white and gray color scale is ideal. Basically, a monochromatic color scheme is one that uses the same color but in different shades. With the same concept, painting each wall in the contemporary living room ideas a different color, a home owner can create an elegant and sophisticated living room by choosing two complementary shades of white anchored with a gray accent wall.

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