Contemporary Living Room Ideas Apartment Decor

Mar 1st

Contemporary living room ideas apartment – Decorating the living room in a small apartment can seem like a challenge. Pieces usually exist in a living room may not work in an apartment living room, because they occupy too much space. Downsizing and painting the walls another color can help. Creating an illusion of more space can make a small living room seem much bigger.

Paint the small living room in a bright shade to create an illusion of more space. Bright colors make the room look bigger, compared to dark colors, which can make a room seem small. Choose curtains that are bright or pastel. Consider making them clean, as well. Light, airy colors and fabrics make a room look bigger, partly because they let in more daylight. This means fewer shadows, which can make a room feel closed. Hang a variety of mirrors on the walls of your small contemporary living room ideas apartment. Mirrors seem to expand the space and reflect light, which shines in the living room.

Replace full size furniture and excessive pieces in the room with furniture your living room that takes less space. For example, change your traditional sofa for a couch. Replace overstuffed armchairs with one or two chairs side. Remove coffee table from the contemporary living room ideas apartment. Coffee table can take up a lot of floor space, which a small living room apartment does not have. Place small lights on the end tables in the living room. Small lamps keep the room in scale while serving their utilitarian purpose. And also arrange your living room in a way that is convenient for conversations. A small-scale sofa and two single chairs are a good choice for an apartment living room. Place a small desk in a corner or corner if necessary. Put a small table or shelf near the door for your keys, bags and other daily necessities.

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