Contemporary Living Room Furniture Ideas

Feb 27th

Contemporary living room furniture enjoys a boom in popularity. This increase is due in part to the transition of the younger population to urban living, apartments and other smaller spaces. Modern furniture is more compact than traditional furniture and much less ornate. In addition, international influences and a stylish, eclectic, functional furniture style have entered American living space.

Urban Style

For the contemporary living room furniture look, try dark brown or shiny black woods. Think of metals, glass and ceramics as accent pieces. Decorate with leather sofas and sectionals and tables made of wood and metal. If your living room space is particularly small, consider having a couch at all. Put armchairs, chairs club, armchairs and chairs love in different sizes and figures around a focal point like a fireplace, TV or a leather ottoman serves double duty as a coffee table. Use plenty of pillows in different textures and colors. Show pop art on the walls. Pick up living room garments that are manufactured in Belgium, Italy and Scandinavia.

Modern Mid-Century Vintage

Contemporary living room furniture takes on many names. Whether you call it vintage plays, retro antiques or modern retro, look out for European and American ceramics from this time. Danish modern living room furniture was quite popular then. Look for walnut trees on couches, chairs and tables trimmed in walnut, chrome and glass. Choose clean, straight lines. No swirls or baroque cutters. Paint walls pastels or neutral colors.

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Modern Minimalist

For a stylish look, modern minimalist all attributes of contemporary living room furniture, but less of it. The minimalist movement cut into the bare leg accessories, colors and furniture. Add some paintings to the walls. Try frames or frames with just straight lines. Bet on all white, all black, all gray or metallic colors. Pillows and couches should be all a color and smooth. The addition of lacquered woods, a glass vase with a bright flower or a plain dish of fruit or candy will soften the sterile look and put interest. The goal is to have the room spotless, stylish and look perfect.

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