Contemporary Living Room Designs Ideas

Mar 6th

Contemporary living room designs – Living room is for relaxing, entertaining and curling up with a good book. Design your living room to reflect your taste, interests and peculiarities. The most important thing is that you feel at home there. The English country style is characterized by classic, ornate wood furniture, plush padding and botanical prints. This style is particularly versatile, as it is supposed to be somewhat incompatible. Visit your local antique store for old wooden pieces and floral fabrics. For an English country living room, it is important to provide some comprehensive colors to compensate the prints and sculptural furniture. Choose a color for a rug or paint walls and cast a stable, consistent shade.

The modern style of geometric shapes, primary colors and clean lines works well in almost every room. It’s a sparse style, but that does not mean you cannot add an unusual or unexpected item to the decor. Start with furniture. Look for famous modern designers like Eames or Saarinen, and invest in some important pieces. While pieces from these designers are expensive, you can design the entire room around them. A Saarinen tulip table, for example, is a sleek and elegant piece that can serve as a coffee table in a contemporary living room designs. Add a splash of color here and there with a throw mat or a light pillow.

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For bookmakers who spend most of their contemporary living room designs time nosh-to-book, a bookshelf lined living room is both stylish and functional. Showing your book collection says a lot about your interests, and will impress your visitors, but it is also a smart design tool. Book backs are varied, colorful and engaging. Be sure to include some plush chairs and a warm throw mat. Old oriental-style carpets work well with books, giving an intellectual, college-familiar to the space.

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