Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table Ideas

Mar 1st

Contemporary lift top coffee table comes in wood, glass, metal and other materials. The coffee table surface can be corrupted with scratches, stains, chips, cracks and other damage. You can take the table apart to refinish the desk, or replace it. Removing the coffee table makes it easier to move. If you tried to lift the tabletop and could not, be sure, it’s not hard. Learning to remove the desk disc allows you to recreate the coffee table – to renovate or replace the desk. With hand tools and a few minutes of your time, you can share the tabletop from their legs or frames.


Turn the coffee table upside down on a soft surface (mat or felt) to protect it from scratches. Locate the contemporary lift top coffee table mounting details. It is usually on top of the legs or in the frame directly below the desk. Find the screws or bolts and keep the table top on the legs or frame. Bolts will have nuts or wing nuts. Screw the screws or use a wrench to remove the screws and nuts. Use pliers for tight wing nuts. Take all the hardware that holds the tabletop. Put the hardware into a bowl or other container. If the contemporary lift top coffee table has individual legs, take your legs off one at a time and place them on a soft surface. If the table top is attached to a frame, remove the frame from the desk disc after removing all hardware. If the frame is heavy, an assistant has assistance. Move the frame free from the table top and put it down. You can now lift the coffee table first.

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Tips and warnings

If the contemporary lift top coffee table has a glass top in a frame, push the glass up from the bottom of the glass and remove the glass before turning the table upside down. If the hardware is stuck and will not hit, apply some spray-on lubricants like the WD-40. This type of product helps to remove stubborn hardware. Put a tarpaulin under the table to avoid getting the lubricant on the floor or carpet. Keep the hardware out of reach of children and pets for their safety – and to avoid frustration of a bolt rolling under a large piece of furniture or in a heat source.

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