Contemporary Homes Design Ideas

Mar 4th

Contemporary homes – Leave the world of limited, perfectly tuned interior to catalogs and architecture magazines. Injection of finely decorated decor into your home gives it color, energy and personal style. You do not have to break your budget or start a full review to decorate your home. In fact, there are many affordable design tips and tricks that instantly deliver into the room. Simple, small changes like a fresh coat of paint, lively textiles and decorative accessories suddenly revive home. Look around your house to find items that you can reuse in the room-and do not forget that small changes make a dramatic impact in the home look.

Contemporary homes, one of the easiest ways to make a dramatic impact on a room is with fun and creative color schemes or finishes. A light accent wall in periwinkle blue, sunshine yellow, mango orange or lime green puts an optimistic note. If you have artistic skills, consider painting a wall painting on a living room or bedroom wall. You can keep it simple and paint a background of the ocean waves or a starry sky, or make a more complex design, such as a tree and animals in the silhouette. The bold graphics wallpaper gives a room graphic pop. For a simpler update, wall decals apply with fun motifs, such as a curved line of birds in flight or a trim of oversized Paisley.

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Break free of monochromatic or overly coordinated interiors by choosing fun furniture contemporary homes. A sofa or chair in a large floral pattern gives a living room a touch of fun while staying chic. For a funky look, a tufted stool near a window and surround it with floor pads of various shapes, colors and patterns. Your kitchen gets a fun retro makeover with a 1950s Formica table surrounded by diner chairs. In the bedroom, a simple bed becomes an exotic escape with the addition of a mosquito net or a canopy floating overhead. Make a veranda or terrace a tiki bar by dedicating a corner on a shelf or island surrounded by bamboo and banana leaves. Fun accessories spark conversations and tell stories about your past and your interests. Put a mask of paintings, prints, drawings and art postcards vertically on a narrow wall to create a Paris salon. Attach a floating shelf to a living room wall so you can show a collection of your childhood toys or showcase your latest DIY projects.

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