Contemporary Chandelier for a Renovated Classic Style

Feb 27th

Today we want to show you the opposite: original and contemporary chandelier to decorate environments of all styles. As we said before, although for years they were relegated to the background by the domination of minimalism and the elimination of everything that sounds classic, for some years this element has resurged strongly in the world of interior design and decoration. However, like any “fashion” that comes back, it never does it exactly the same as in the past. It usually incorporates variants of some kind that bring it closer to today. This is the case of modern chandeliers, which take inspiration from the classic but try to differentiate in some respect.

One option to achieve this current touch in this type of lamps is to rely on the classic form but to use today’s materials: the glass and transparent rhinestones are dispensed with and used DM, wire or plastic materials creating continuous forms that perfectly remember to the lamps of old, with their volutes and their rounding’s. They are used mainly in white to bring glamour to a minimalist aesthetic. Another option to bring that plus of modernity is to play with color: contemporary chandelier are used but the glass or tulips are colored, giving rise to completely black , red , blue , green , mauve , fuchsia lamps or with a multicolored combination.

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A third option is to “disfigure” the shape but slightly remembering a spider. They are lamps that have “tentacles” or multiple arms although without specifically using the shape of a contemporary chandelier. They could be considered something like the cubism in the painting. Finally, another option to “modernize” a classic lamp is to add elements of decontextualized design. For example, hanging it from a steel foot or attaching an umbrella, here the imagination to power. In case you are still thinking about the past, here we leave you a few rooms with modern chandeliers for your inspiration.

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