Contemporary Black Chandelier of Glass and Metal Base

Mar 3rd

Contemporary Black Chandelier – How many times have we said that everything comes back? But let’s face it, as we said it, we always thought it was not, that there are things that are outdated and we will never use it again. With the example of today, it is clear that it is true that everything comes back mainly in decoration and also in lighting. The chandeliers of glass are the last of the clearest examples of this statement.

In its origins, the crystal chandeliers, have been an economic example, since a large rock crystal lamp has a larger cost than a different type of material. The design of this type of lamps comes from the XVII century when they are included hanging elements, decorative and begin to change some of the metallic elements by the glass. We have all seen pictures or visited palaces in which this type of lamps abound in large rooms, reception rooms, etc. and always surprised by their size and opulence. However, for a few years now the resurgence of this contemporary black chandelier has been seen in a surprising way, this has a direct connection with the new uses that are being given to them and the surprising result of the environments in which they are placed, especially if we combine different styles.

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The renovation of crystal chandeliers has been a pleasant surprise, it is surprising how these lamps remain in environments that until recently would seem unthinkable. The first modification we saw in this type of lamps was the change of color of some of the crystals of these lamps, which brought a touch of originality and modernity to a model so classic, only with that small change was achieved that this type of lamps would be seen in more modern rooms. The change was more radical when the same contemporary black chandelier changed color, they began to see lamps that fit very well in classrooms of modern type.

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