Contemporary Bar Stools Swivel: Comfort in Kitchen

Mar 12th

To choose appropriate contemporary bar stools swivel design must take into account a number of factors that go well beyond the purely aesthetic. For example: are counter or bar stools? Would the space have a single seat or more than one seat? The prestigious blog ‘How to decorate ‘ helps us find the keys to a good decision. The first aspect to take into account is technical: the measures. On the one hand, the measures of the stool itself and on the other the measures of the counter top or bar where the stools will be located. It is estimated that the space between that counter or bar and the stool seat should be between 22 cm and 33 cm. That way, the person can move the legs freely and comfortably.

Therefore, in order to choose the ideal measure of the contemporary bar stools swivel, the following calculation should be carried out: when measuring the worktop, we subtract between 22 cm and 33 cm. Obviously, extensible models are an advantage because they adapt to very different heights. Another aspect to generate comfort is the number of stools that will be available in that place of the kitchen: it is not convenient to put together too much with each other, because the person also needs some space to enter, leave and move freely.

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And that space should never be less than 40 cm between small stools and not less than 50 cm between stools wider. Distances of more than 63 cm are not recommended, unless the seats have armrests. In addition to these measures, the choice of these contemporary bar stools swivel is also important material. And here also come into play factors external to the seat itself. If the idea is to make breakfast or meals usually in them, it is recommended that the materials are waterproof or easy to clean: plastic, metal or leather, for example. The same can be done in the case of cocktails.