Contemporary Area Rugs Ideas

Mar 8th

Contemporary area rugs – To clarify concepts, carpets are called any fabric, which is made with different materials on a loom. These raw materials can be silk, thread, wool or fiber. The classification of the carpets is according to the type of knot used in their manufacture and the system used for that work, is mainly used to cover floor spaces in different rooms. They have also been used on the walls, specially designed as a work of art. There are carpets with a knot of lesser or greater thickness; carpets shaved and mixed carpets with knot and shaved on the same canvas base. You can also find the carpets in roll, or the modular carpets. One of the most famous types of rugs are Persian carpets, a sample of Persian culture, with choice of vivid colors and design of motifs inspired by plants, insects, roots and other everyday themes.

It is possible that a carpet is one of the last things we think of buying to decorate the home. However, experts say that once you make that investment, you will have an element that will bring warmth, elegance and even comfort to the contemporary area rugs space. A carpet meets a specific purpose, according to the place where it is placed. So, for example, it is functional in the bathroom, warm and soft in the bedrooms, sturdy at the entrance of the house and elegant in the living room.

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If it is the children’s contemporary area rugs, it is best to select materials and fabrics that do not cause allergies, preferably natural fiber, for example wool because it provides warmth and cushions any fall. In other rooms, such as the dining room or the entrance hall of the house, the ideal is to look for carpets made of durable and durable materials to withstand the daily hustle and bustle. Like everything in life, design and color are a matter of taste. However, for those who prefer to be at the forefront of trends, the carpets are recommended in blue, green or gray. Ideally, the carpet should be in contrast to the tone of the floor. For example, if it’s dark think about something clear.