Clean & Lubricate Your Olde Time Hunter Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Mar 1st

Hunter contemporary ceiling fans – Before installation, these fans must be lubricated with oil to avoid damaging the engine. However, once you lubricate the fan in the beginning, it rarely needs to be lubricated. To start this project work, disable all the switches to the fan to ensure that the electricity is running for the ceiling fan. Do not attempt to lubricate a ceiling fan while it is running. Climb a staircase or stool to bring yourself to the eye level with the fan switch box. This is the area that contains the switch that reverses the direction of the fan

Unscrew the oil screw hole with a flat blade screwdriver. This screw is located near the switch. Cut the tip of the SAE-10 oil tube that comes with your Old Time hunter contemporary ceiling fans. Tilt the fan full drive assembly away from you at an angle of about 45 degrees. Tilt the can of oil so that it pours into the hole left by the oil screw hole. Pour the oil slowly into the hole until the tube is completely empty. The fan needs all this oil to work properly. Reinstall the screw before re-positioning the engine assembly to prevent oil leakage. Once the vine is well protected, continue with the installation procedures.

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If the hunter contemporary ceiling fans are dry, turn off all the switches on the fan to ensure that the electricity is running on the fan ceiling. Do not attempt to clean a ceiling fan while it is running. Dampen a soft cloth in lukewarm water. Clean the fan blades once a week to prevent excessive dust or dirt build-up. Do not wet the cloth or risk water drops on the engine assembly and cause damage. Add 1-2 drops of detergent to damp cloths to remove excessive dirt or stains. Scrub gently, and then rinse with a cloth soaked in warm water to remove foam residues.

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