Choosing Italian Contemporary Furniture

Mar 3rd

Italian contemporary furniture can be a durable, beautiful reinforcement to all rooms. Today’s furniture choices, however, include several types of leather and leather-like products. Bonded leather is one of the newest in the market. If you are thinking about Italian furniture, you will understand bound leather to help you make a more well-founded purchase.


Paint the room a light neutral color, such as white or gray to serve as a background for the minimalist furniture. The neutral background will also allow you to introduce color to other places in the room. Select one or two accent colors. Choose colors that you like alone or in combination. Since your main colors are neutral shades, all colors will work as an eye-catching contrast. Arrange your furniture. Give seats with black, white or gray pillows with a pair of pillows blended in incorporating your accent colors. Plain fabric for pillows is good for this furniture, but considers geometric patterns to complement your styling style as well.

Pair of furniture with black and white artwork. Find artwork that features elements of your accent colors, or incorporate the color yourself into the design carpets or frames. To complement your Italian contemporary furniture, prints of works by Italian artists Petro Antigone or Mino Argent, or the photographic landscape of Memo Jodie. Place an area mat in the middle of the room which is common and not too patterned. The options include black to match furniture or white or gray to match the walls. You can also consider using one of your accent colors.

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Add lamps that reflect the elegant, scaled quality Italian contemporary furniture design. Incorporate your accent colors into the base, lamp or shade lamp. Gets inspiration from Italian lamp designers including Leucosis, Floss, Moreno and Lusitania. Hang ordinary, simple drapes or shades from the windows. Natural light is necessary to produce the riches and lusts of black paint. The drapery or shades should not be heavy or oppressive. Decorate cabinet tops and shelves with some carefully selected accents. A variety of Italian arts and crafts suppliers have online stores with pieces of Italian designers. Modern pieces are fitting, but classically styled pieces can also serve as a fine contrast to the contemporary styling of the furniture.

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