Choosing Contemporary Foyer Chandeliers

Mar 1st

Contemporary foyer chandeliers – Buying lighting often over looked at the last minute of a building, remodeling or designing projects. On the other hand, the right fixture can transform your space – especially in small areas like foothills that greet visitors. Careful consider elements when buying a foyer chandelier.


Measure the size of the existing chandelier in the foyer, if you have one. This will give you a scale to compare new crystal chronicles to. Determine the right width of the contemporary foyer chandeliers. To determine the appropriate size, add the width of the room to the length of the room (both in feet). The sum of these will give you an approximate diameter for a chandelier (in inches). For example: If your foyer is 10 meters by 12 meters, your chandelier diameter should be about 22 in. Determine your ceiling height. Measure from floor to ceiling of the location where the luminaire will be mounted. This will tell you how long the chandelier is going to be. Chandeliers should hang at least 7 ft. From the floor. Too high ceilings, two and ten crowns may be required. For lower ceilings fixtures would be flush or half flush (near the ceiling).

Note the wattle and bulb type of your current fixture. If you are satisfied with the amount of light, look for something comparable. Decide on style and color based on your contemporary foyer chandeliers and the rest of your home. For color, take other lights, door knobs and cupboards handle in consideration. Take pictures of your foyer to help visualize the chandelier in space while shopping. Visit a lighting showroom. The staff in specialist stores usually has more product knowledge. Shop online when you know what you want, if you need more choices.

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Tips and warnings

If you have a dimmer, make sure it will work with the fixture your purchase. Low voltage fixtures need low voltage dimmer; this will bump up the price of the project. If you have a window above the door, center the chandelier in it to have the best look inside the foyer and outside the home.

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