Building Contemporary Oval Coffee Tables

Feb 27th

Contemporary oval coffee tables – Concrete casting allows you to create a dramatic double column base for an oval glass coffee table. Corrugated boxes, available on packaging and moving delivery stores, and cheap plastic bowls are used as casting shapes. In addition to their use as table bases, the weather concrete pillars can support bird bath or sunbathing for striking garden extras. By mixing the concrete with peat and vermiculite, a light hyper-stone is created for the columns.

Contemporary oval coffee tables can appeal to all rooms. Making the coffee table yourself will give you a sense of pride. Find a design that you like, build it and then have friends and family over to show it. Design the size of the coffee table. Select the type of wood or lumber you want to use for this project. Cut wood size is determined by your design. You should have at least one big piece for the top and four legs. More material may be required depending on the design. Glue and drop leg and base coffee table frame together. Drill matching holes for plugs opposite each other from the table top to the legs.

Build on contemporary oval coffee tables and attach the table frame or base. Use a wooden screw to secure the legs in place. Sand the coffee table 3 times before the final sand. Sand it with 80 grit, then 120 grit and finally 220 grit sandpaper. Allow it to dry completely and make final sand with 220 grit. Apply the stain or paint, depending on what your design requires. Cover the stain or paint with a clear overcoat to protect the target. Attach the bowl shaped shapes to the remaining cement column. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

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Place columns side by side under the oval glass to complete the coffee table. Using a shape that is not often seen in the coffee table, the world helps to separate your handmade coffee tables from them on the market. Oval coffee table offers all the benefits of standard rectangular and oval coffee tables, with an open and unique impression. These plans can be adjusted as needed to make the coffee table bigger, smaller, higher or lower.

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