Braided 8 Foot Round Rugs Contemporary

Mar 4th

Braided 8 foot round rugs contemporary are one of the oldest textile folk art in Western history. American colonial housewives were known to make braided mats out of homemade and hand-dyed fabrics. The process can be completed with almost any fabric scraps and strips carved by old clothes you may have lying around in the house. If you want to color your fabric, however, do it before you make the rug and choose fabrics made of natural fibers to ensure that they will hold the dye.

How to make 8 foot round rugs contemporary, determine the diameter, in the foot, the rug’s blanket you want to do. Divide the diameter in half and multiply it by itself (square it) multiplies times pi (3.14) to determine the area of ​​the rug you do in square feet. For example, a round carpet with a 5 foot diameter circular blanket would be 19.63 meters. Convert the square footage to inches to determine how much fabric you need before multiplying your result in step 1 by 12 inches. For a 19.63-square-foot carpet, the result would be 235.56 square inches. Round up your result to the nearest whole number. In this case it would be 236. Never run down or your blanket will be a smidgen skewed.

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Then ideas for make 8 foot round rugs contemporary, convert inches to measure to determine the substance length by dividing the result. A circular carpet with an area of ​​236 will require 6.5 meters of an inch thick strip of fabric Cut fabric into long 1-inch strips no more than 1 yard in length. Try cutting the fabric all the same length to make it easier to work with. If this is not possible because you are working with recycled clothes, only two strips hinged at an angle and sew across the diagonal further smaller strips of fabric for any short pieces to do all your strips around the same length.

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